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European  League of Employers' Associations in the Performing Arts sector/PEARLE* 

Estonia has been taking part in the work of PEARLE*  as a full member since 1998. PEARLE itself has been established in 1991 and through its members consolidates more than 3500 employers from theatres, production companies, orchestras, opera houses, dance companies and  festival organisations.

PEARLE, however, is a member of various organisations concerning theatre activity: WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organisation), EEN (European Employerś Network), ILO (International Labour Office), EFAH (European Forum for the Arts and Heritage).

Until 2006, the Estonian member organisation of PEARLE has been Estonian Association of Theatre Managers but since its establishment Estonian Association of Performing Arts Institutions.

The goal of the League is to mediate professional information concerning production arts in the European region, equalising the legislation of Europe and the member states and changing the legislation towards the necessary direction for the performing arts.

PEARLE has many different courses of action concerning the everyday life of the performing arts. A representative of EETEAL is Monika Larini

Estonian Central Association of Employers
Estonian Association of Performing Arts Institutions is ETTK member since 2006.

The contact person of EETEAL in ETTK is Monika Larini.

The Foundation of Professional Qualifications/Chamber of Profession
The goals of the Chamber of Profession activity are:

  • Helping to form and develop a solid and organised professional qualifications’ system;

  • Creating preconditions for comparability of the qualification of Estonian employees and gaining recognition from other countries.

EETEAL is represented at the Cultural Profession Board of the Chamber of Profession, member of the profession board is Monika Larini.

The Foundation of Estonian Theatre Agency/ ETA.
Estonian Theatre Agency was born in July 2007 through the merger of Estonian Theatricals Agency and The Information Centre of the Theatre Association. The founders of ETA are Estonian Theatre Association and Estonian Association of Performing Arts Institutions.
The main goals of the Agency are:

  • To mediate copyright laws concerning the theatre field and information concerning the theatre in Estonia and in the foreign countries;

  • To gather and publish statistics about Estonian theatres;

  • To promote Estonian drama literature.

The representatives of EETEAL at the board of ETA are Tiina Rebane  and Monika Larini (chairwoman of the board).

Estonian Centre of International Theatre Institute /ITI

International Theatre Institute centralizes and mediates professional information in the field of performing arts all over the world.
Estonian Centre of ITI was refounded in 2010 by Estonian Association of Performing Arts Institutions and Estonian Theatre Union.

The representative of EETEAL  in Estonian Centre of ITI is  Monika Larini.
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